The greatest demonstration of power anyone has ever seen happened a long time ago in place that is far, far, away, at least for most of us.

The Ark of the Covenant

In northwestern Saudi Arabia, out in the middle of the desert, and surrounded by oceans of sand, there is a small “top secret” military outpost. A handful of Saudi marksmen armed with automatic weapons and guard dogs patrol an area surrounded by a chain-link fence. Their mission? To keep any and all curiosity seekers away from this site. In addition to the military patrol (remember this is in the middle of nowhere), there is a large sign posted in front of the guard-house, outside the fence, carrying this warning in Arabic and in English:

 This is a protected archeological site All trespassers will be prosecuted

So, what’s behind the fence that the Saudi government does not want the world to see? Shrouded in secrecy, is an 8,465 foot mountain known to the local Bedouins as Jabal Musa. You can find it on a good map under the name Jabal Al Lawz.

So why would anyone want to “protect” a mountain out in the middle of the desert? If the truth was known, and if the Saudis allowed people to examine this area, Biblical scholars, archeologists, and journalists would hail this as one of, if not the greatest archeological discovery of all time. The effect, however, would be a disaster for the Saudi’s. What happened here is so significant, and the evidence is so overwhelmingly conclusive, if word got out, many people would be willing to risk their lives by sneaking into the country to document this incredible discovery. Some already have, and that is why the area is guarded. Since the Saudi’s preferred method of dealing with “infidels” is beheading, the potential to create another international crisis similar to the fight for sovereignty over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is real!


At the base of the mountain, there is a huge formation of boulders (some weighing hundreds of tons) carefully placed on top of one another three stories high, a hundred feet across, and flat on top. This engineering feat required a large number of people who were highly motivated, and had a good deal of experience moving stones of this magnitude. Whoever it was that went to all this trouble, also had a fetish for cattle. Etched into the sides of this giant memorial are pictures of cows and bulls. Strange indeed, since cattle have never been indigeousness to the desert. In addition, there are large piles of smaller rocks every four hundred yards forming a semi-circle around the mountain. They appear to serve as boundary markers, as if to say, “This far and no farther.” At the foot of the mountain there is v-shaped pit, with carefully placed stones along the sides to form walls. It is believed that this area was used for animal sacrifice. Next to that, there are 12 hand hewn pillars made of stone, which represent a memorial to something very significant to someone. The question is, who?

Most unusual of all is the fact that the mountain itself (made of solid granite rock) is brown, but the peak (the top third of the mountain) is shiny black. It appears as if the top of the mountain had been exposed to an intense heat and melted by a giant incinerator!

Scholars and archeologists who have examined the sum of evidence on and around this mountain (based on eye-witness accounts, pictures, and video tape smuggled out of the country), are convinced that this is the actual site where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments! All of the evidence matches perfectly with the Biblical account of the Israelites Exodus from Egypt.

Providentially, it only rains a fraction of an inch every ten years in this area, so all the effects left by God, and 2-3 million Israelites, have been perfectly preserved for thousands of years. There are a number of great books and videos documenting the facts of this discovery that are nothing short of spectacular!1


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God bless.