The Secret to Spiritual Power

The Secret to Spiritual Power

What is the secret to true spiritual power? When the Roman Empire ruled the world (with an iron fist), it used all of its political and military power to try and stop Christianity from spreading. Meanwhile, the Apostles dedicated themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Armed with the Gospel, inflamed with the love of Christ, and undaunted by the power of Rome, they turned the world upside down!

So, what made the first-century church willing to be burned at the stake, boiled in oil, fed to the lions, and crucified rather than deny Christ? They knew God’s master plan of salvation − personally!

I enjoy the art and science of defending the Christian faith, an academic discipline known as apologetics.  The latest discoveries from science, archeology, etc., are wonderful for the edification and the building up of God’s people. These intellectual arguments can play a role in helping those who have legitimate questions and concerns about Christianity.

Furthermore, I believe it would be wonderful if God’s people were all well-versed in Theology, Hebrew and Greek grammar, Bible interpretation, Bible prophecy, church history, comparative religion, archaeology, philosophy, creation science, logic, and debate! However, none of these academic disciplines (as wonderful as they are) has an ounce of power to convict a man of sin, which is what Jesus came to save us from (Matt. 1:21).

When it comes to presenting the plan of salvation to others, God left us a perfect, systematic theology of evangelism that cannot be improved upon by any man. In fact, there is one argument more compelling than someone you know coming back from the dead to tell you what’s on the other side!

Our new book, God’s Master Plan of Salvation is a humble attempt to help my fellow man understand God’s master plan of salvation and be able to explain it to others, “Not according to the wisdom of man’s words, but in demonstration of the Spirit’s power” (1 Cor. 2:4).

Since neither God nor His Word has changed, the Gospel is still the power of God (Rom. 1:16). Join me in studying the greatest truth ever known to man, in the light and fire of God’s holy Word. Prayer and the ministry of the Word is the secret.