It’s a terrific message—and I can understand listening to it why it had such power. You’re quite right in saying it’s nothing more than the word of God, but you, of course, presented it very effectively and made the case very powerfully.

Ray Comfort, Evangelist, Author, & Speaker. Producer of the award winning TV show The Way of the Master starring Kirk Cameron.

Phil DelRe’s  tract – God’s Three Witnesses is the finest Gospel tract I have ever seen. His book The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God is a clarion call for the church to wake up!

Clark Osborn, Heartland Men of Faith

Phil DelRe powerfully communicates the Gospel and overflows with a passion to reach the lost. His message on the Fear of Man Vs. The Fear of God is a powerful, powerful, word from the Lord and I thank him for it!

Dr. David Larsen, Professor of Preaching Emeritus at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Author of 18 books including the 900 page, History of Preaching published by Kregel.

In an era of fadism and fashionable substitutes for true scriptural principles, the ministry of Phil DelRe is a ray of hope for the church. Phil has tapped into the mode of true Gospel evangelism that has proved so mighty in the past. For anyone desirous of seeing the type of deep and thorough heart work that so characterized the Church in better days, Phil should not only be heard but studied.

Dr. Robert Coleman, Director for the School of World Missions & Evangelism, for Billy Graham Association and author of the best selling book, The Master Plan of Evangelism.

“Phil DelRe is a no-fear apologist with a sense of humor. His anecdotal style helps the medicine go down and accompanies a sense of urgency to embolden believers. His new book The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God is a good read and a great resource for study groups.”

David Lieske, M. Div. Student, Moody Bible Institute

“Phil DelRe is a no-fear apologist with a sense of humor. His anecdotal style helps the medicine go down and accompanies a sense of urgency to embolden believers. His new book The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God is a good read and a great resource for study groups.”

David Lieske, M. Div. Student, Moody Bible Institute

Remember the revival God brought through David Wilkerson working with the gangs in New York City and Nicki Cruz? Philip DelRe has been working with gangs in prison and by God’s grace has led thousands to the Lord! You want to bring a dynamic speaker to your church? Call Phil DelRe! His new book, The Fear of Man Vs. The Fear of God is a must read!

Dave Stettin

“The cause of Christ is too often impeded by the fear of man, and Phil Del Re is out to change all that. He’s the perfect teacher on this subject, for he truly fears God and not people. In this important work, he shows us how to be delivered from the fear of man. Read it and prepare to slay giants.”

Roger Knowlton, Senior Pastor of Edgewood Community Church, Waupun, Wisconsin

I heard you speak in the undergraduate chapel at Moody. After your message I picked up a tape, and I have listened to that tape at least twenty times. That was the first day I ever heard such a clear explanation of the Gospel in such a Biblical way.

From the Beyond Amsterdam 2000 Conference sponsored by the Billy Graham Association

My son and I attended the “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference this past March in O’Fallon, IL where we met and attended a seminar by Philip DelRe. As a pastor, I was leading a group of men to the conference, but my real concern was my 18 year old son who has had some tough challenges in the past year. He has wavered in his faith — questioning what and why he believed. This also spilled over into some poor choices and bad relationships in his life. The seminar by Phil was exactly what my son needed! Phil’s dynamic personality and engaging presentation of the Gospel totally connected with my son. He laughed, took notes, and was challenged that the Christian faith was intellectually credible in the secular arena of life. He loved the seminar by Phil and wanted me to buy all the resources available (which I happily did!). Since that time, there has been a dramatic change in his life. Unhealthy relationships have been severed and he has a renewed joy and commitment for Christ. I thank God for this timely and Sovereign appointment for my son and the ministry of Phil DelRe for being the choice instrument He used. Praise the Lord!

Roy Abbott, Iron Sharpens Iron and Focal Point Ministries

I just read your booklet on Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is the best resource I have found to refute their false doctrine. I have never seen anything worded better. Your argument is indisputable. I am a former national speaker for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Pastor Dan Mook Randolph Evangelical Free Church, WI

In a culture that wallows in mediocrity, ignorance, and apathy toward spiritual truth, Phil DelRe presents a clear, compelling message of the reality of a living God. Rising out of his passion for Jesus and his love for the Scriptures, the humble, yet bold ministry and message of Phil DelRe is powerful because its Biblical. Carrying the wind of the Holy Spirit Phil speaks with clarity to the postmodern mind. Brother DelRe communicates the gospel message with clarity, zeal, and a definitive boldness that brings the message of Christ into focus. If you want people to feel comfortable in the pew, don’t waste your time on Phil DelRe.
Charles Lyons, Senior Pastor Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago

When you said that the great need in Evangelical America is that we preach the gospel, I immediately recognized I was not close to understanding what you were saying. After reading “Jesus Christ, the Master Evangelist” (now titled God’s Master Plan of Salvation) and listening again the Ray Comfort’s “The 10 Cannons of God’s Law”, I feel much more informed and better equipped for my evangelistic calling. I could not be more grateful to God for putting me in contact with you and to you for your generosity of time and openness/patience/gentleness with and towards me. I also appreciated your validation of my evangelistic calling. My time with you was a divine encounter that I will never forget.

This is Wayne Potter, volunteer for Voice of the Martyrs in O’Fallon, Illinois

In his book, Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist-How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did, Philip DelRe has excelled in bringing together powerful thoughts on a most important theme.

Linda Schambach former Vice President of Marketing for Christianity Today. Currently the Director of Women’s Ministry at Community of Faith Church in Davis, Illinois

I have been impacted and blessed personally over the last 19 years listening to hundreds of messages and sermons by well known Christian leaders like Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Gary Smalley, and Steve Farrar.  I recently heard a message at an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference that God gave to Philip DelRe of Voice in the Wilderness Ministries. I can say without reservation, it was one of the most powerful, passionate and practical messages that I have ever heard.  Everyone needs to hear the Biblical truth of this message and read one of Philips many books.  I just finished reading ‘God, the final frontier’ cover to cover and plan to get it into the hands of everyone I can.

Charles Colson, Founder and Chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries

I have been attending seminars for over 40 years, and yours was the greatest presentation of the Gospel I have ever heard in my life.

Reddit Andrews III, Director of Chapel, Trinity Evangelical Divinity school

I heard you speak in the undergraduate chapel at Moody. After your message I picked up a tape, and I have listened to that tape at least twenty times. That was the first day I ever heard such a clear explanation of the Gospel in such a Biblical way.

From the Beyond Amsterdam 2000 Conference sponsored by the Billy Graham Association

I think “God the Final Frontier” is one of the finest resources of its kind. The illustrations in this book are marvelous!

Fred Tscholl, Former Manager, WFEN Radio Rockford, Illinois.

“God’s Thee Witnesses is the greatest book on evangelism I have ever read. It moved Mark Cahill’s into second place!”

Dr. Carl Baugh, Founder and Director of the Creation Evidence Museum

I absolutely love your book, God the Final Frontier. I want my whole family to read it. Your facts on the universe and the Trinity were fascinating!

Dr. Bob Griffin is President of Rockford Renewal Ministries and the author of Fire Storms of Revival

Phil DelRe is a Ten Commandments scholar.

Debra Moffett, Co-host of the Harvest Show and former Miss America 1983

“I would describe Philip DelRe as a joy-filled follower of Jesus Christ. He is passionate, gregarious, funny, and always complimentary and encouraging to others. In the seminar setting, he speaks clearly and passionately about his subject and connects well with the men. His books include:  Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist, The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God, Where Did God Come From, and a series of books titled “Answering”…Answering Atheism With Questions, Answering Islam With Questions, and Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses With Questions. Men are encouraged when they come out of his seminar and we get good feedback on his sessions. He always provides practical application about his subject for the men.”

Bob Cornuke, International adventurer and explorer. Author of, In Search of Mountain of God. The Discovery of The Real Mt. Sinai.

I have had the privilege of working with new believers and men’s discipleship groups for over 30 years. I was initially discipled myself by a campus ministry while attending Western Michigan University. I have known Phil DelRe for 20 plus years. He is a gifted evangelist and a discipler of men. His passion for the Lord is contagious. I was very excited to read his new book “Where Did God Come From?”. I have used it for both new believers and in my men’s discipleship groups. The book lays a solid foundation for any believer to build upon and provides key answers believers need to take a stand for Jesus Christ. I highly recommend the book and the ministry of Philip DelRe and Voice In The Wilderness.

Pastor Tim

I listened to your audio message, “The Fear of Man vs. Fear of God”. I listened to it so many times I wore it out (Later, I discovered the same message in print in your book by the same name.)

Until then, I did not realize how the fear of man had subtly influenced my decision-making process, sometimes intimidating me from boldly doing what I knew to be right.  Likewise, I realized I had become desensitized  to the fear of the Lord.  I mention the decision-making process because part of what I do is make important decisions that affect the lives of others.

I am a Judge in a Criminal Court  in a large city and have to make important decisions everyday that affect the lives of many.  In the criminal courts, due to the sheer volume of cases and limited resources, I  seldom have all of the information I might wish and have to make life-impacting decisions anyway.

Now, I pray through Proverbs 29:25 before every major decision. I ask God to purify my decision-making process so that it is untainted by fear of man or approval seeking.  I ask God to instill in me a holy reverence for Him and to do His will without fear and to serve Him and His purposes in this decision.  Guided by these principles, I pray over the court file and the defendants and victims and families lives the file represents. I then render a decision that is fair and just under the law and the evidence without considering the  approval of others or fear of others.

Thank you for distilling down these important truths into a readable, well illustrated, easily understood format.  May you boldly and courageously serve Him until His return.

Ray Sanders, Director Christian Friends of Israel

“You had the highest rating of any seminar speaker we’ve ever had!”

  • “Super encouraging, I loved it.””I could sit and listen to him all day.”
  • “He was hilarious and real, plus I love science so it was nice to hear some scientific evidence.”
  • “He was awesome. Bring him back next year.”
  • “Fantastic! Challenging and encouraging. The speaker challenged me to think about the important things in our relationship with God.”
  • “Truly the best seminar I have been to. Please come back next year.”
  • “I love the stories and the enthusiasm. You just have to smile.”
  • “Best teaching I’ve ever heard.”
  • “Great at getting our attention. It was VERY interesting.”
  • “Philip has it together. He is passionate for the Lord! I truly enjoyed this seminar.”
  • “I really enjoyed his message. He had some very interesting stories and really pointed out that the only opinion that matters is God’s.”
  • “In depth and funny, kept me into it. It was good.”
  • “I liked how he opened up our minds to God’s power and His love for us.”
  • “I loved the stories and the analogies from the Word of God.”
  • “Please offer more sessions like this. We need to hear real biblical truths like this so we can learn how to talk to skeptics.”
  • “I’m glad he used so many bible verses to back himself up. Very dynamic. Excellent presentation. Really good thoughts.”
  • “I pray to the Almighty God that I could have a fraction of Phil’s intensity for Christ Jesus!”
  • “Hearing this seminar is going to help me not to be afraid to speak to others about God. I know I need to fear God more.”
  • “Phenomenal, thank you very much. Good job, lots of scripture involved.”
  • “He was really good at keeping everyone’s attention. It was so personal.”
  • “I loved his jokes. Makes it interesting, had a GREAT message, good at keeping everyone’s attention, very interesting, lots of things I didn’t know.”
  • “This dude is awesome. Get him back next year.”
  • “Very good for scientific minds, awesome proof, intense.”
  • “Loved the intensity and fire that Phillip has.  Made me want to push myself to have same fire.”
  • “Oh my God, so good, better than last year!”
  • “WOW! Very interesting, caught my attention and kept it.”
  • “I learned sooo much, I’m glad I came.”
  • “Very strong speaker, strong message.”
  • “Great motivational speaker!”
  • “Wonderful speaker, very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, I felt much more confident talking to my friends about this.”
  • “Everything was explained very well, worth going to.”
  • “Amazing!  Good referencing, good just like last year.”
  • “This is my second year hearing him talk and I cannot express how much of a blessing it is to hear him again.  He speaks with such a passion for God and a conviction that encourages me beyond belief.  Thank you for having him here.”
  • “Incredible, I’m glad he mentioned how to be bold in love.”
  • “Great job at relating things in the world to your faith.”
  • “It really got me excited about being a child of God!  Thank you Phillip, loved the “Jesus loves me” at the end.”
  • “Good overview of God’s word, creation, beautiful.”
  • “Very passionate and powerful.”
  • “He’s funny, to the point, clear and easy to understand, he speaks his mind.”
  • “It was amazing, speaker was awesome, really interesting.”
  • “Roar! Please come back, I wanna hear more from you, you were great.”
  • “Definitely different.  The man gets his point across in an energetic, fun motion.”
  • “I love Philip’s stories and that he yelled.  It gets your blood pumping, he is funny.”
  • “Amazing, time flew by so fast.”
  • “Nice expression, nice stories, nice man, very funny.  He definitely got the message out.  He definitely shows he is a Christian.”
  • “I Loved the enthusiasm and his explanations.”
  • “Really neat ideas I’ve never thought about, fun, exciting.”
  • “I can’t even believe how amazingly good that was!! I admire you and you are the best speaker I’ve heard at districts.”
  • “I loved it, it taught me a lot and I want to come back next year.”
  • “Amazing, I learned so much!  I hope to come back and see him again, I’m getting the book.”
  • “Really great seminar, I have attended 6 throughout my time at districts and this is perhaps one of the most interesting.”
  • “Great job, wish I could have had more time to listen.”
  • “This was soooo good, Philip is a great speaker, you can tell he is full of the spirit.”
From a Seminar for 3500 students in Green Bay, WI