God’s Master Plan of Salvation

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God’s Master Plan of Salvation explains how a perfectly just Creator (He must punish sin) can forgive a perfectly sinful man (offer mercy) without compromising either one! Understanding this eternal truth is the greatest thing you could ever know. Many have said things like, “I’ve been in church most of my life and never really understood the Gospel until I heard this message. You need to get this published so the whole world can read it!”

Table of Contents

1. The Most Awesome Demonstration of Power anyone has ever seen.

Of all the miracles in the bible, three are in a class by themselves and all three contain a clear message of Gd for you 

2. The Bible’s Big Picture

Understanding the relationship between the Old and the New Testament will and light years to your understanding of God’s word! 

3. The Law of God is Written on Every Man’s Heart

No man will stand before God with any excuse for ignoring or deny in him. Find out why in this chapter. 

4. God’s Master Plan of Salvation

Unveiling a mystery that has baffled thinking people for centuries. 

5. How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did

“I have been in church all my life and never really understood the Gospel until today. Thank you!”

6. Is the Really New Testament Theology?

A close look at the moral law in the New Testament by an imaginary court. 

7. Don’t Take My Word for It

Quotes from the greatest minds in the history of the church who understood and applied God’s most compelling argument.

8. The Perfect Law of Liberty

When God says is “no” to one thing, He is saying “yes” to living the abundant life Jesus speaks of. 

9. If God is Good Why is There so Much Evil in the World?

The answer will blow you away! 

10. The fear of man vs. the Fear of God

This sermon was recorded at a 3,000 member church and we had 940 requests for copies of the message! 

Appendix one: But we’re not Under Law, We’re Under Grace

Clarifying some misunderstood verses in the New Testament. 

Appendix two: Satan’s Master Plan of Evangelism and the Immoral Majority




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4 reviews for God’s Master Plan of Salvation

  1. Phil DelRe

    Philip DelRe has excelled in bringing together powerful thoughts on a most important theme. -Ray Comfort

  2. Phil DelRe

    It’s a terrific message—and I can understand listening to it why it had such power. You’re quite right in saying it’s nothing more than the word of God, but you, of course, presented it very effectively and made the case very powerfully.-Charles Colson

  3. Phil DelRe

    In an era of fadism and fashionable substitutes for true scriptural principles, the ministry of Phil DelRe is a ray of hope for the church. Phil has tapped into the mode of true Gospel evangelism that has proved so mighty in the past. For anyone desirous of seeing the type of deep and thorough heart work that so characterized the Church in better days, Phil should not only be heard but studied. -Reddit Andrews, Director of chapel at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

  4. Phil DelRe


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