The Fear of God

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The fear of God and the fear of man. This book began as a sermon in front of a congregation of 3,000 people. More than 900 requests poured in for copies of the audio message! From pastors to prison inmates people are testifying how God is using this message to set them free from this subtle form of idolatry known as the fear of man.

The fear of man is what kept the Israelite’s from entering the Promised land. 1 Cor. 10 tells us, these things were written for our instruction and for our example. God did not want the church to make the same mistake and miss the blessing. Sadly, most of us are missing the blessing!

Table of Contents

Part One – the Problem / The Fear of Man

1. The Christian’s Are Here Call Out The Lions!

2. What Does a 3,000-Year-Old Uncircumcised Philistine Have to do With Me Anyway?

3. Grasshoppers and Giants, Wimps, and Warriors. Who Enters the Promised Land? The Classic Example of the Fear of man vs. the Fear of God

Part two – The Solution / The Fear of God

4. The Greatest Demonstration of Power the World Has Ever Seen

5. The Sovereignty of God, the Free Will of Man, and the Question of Evil. How to Solve Three Mysteries in One Chapter

6. There Are Two Kinds of People in the World, Those Who Think They Can and Those Who Think They Can’t, and They’re Both Right. Attitude Determines Altitude

7. The Righteous Are Bold as Lions

Part three / How do I Get Delivered?

8. The Amazing Spiritual Secrets of Salt And Light

9. Great Quotes to Encourage, Enlighten, Embolden and Inflame You

10. True Stories of Great Courage

11. How to Get Delivered From The Fear of Man