God the Final Frontier *UPDATED AND EXPANDED*

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God the Final Frontier — Positive Proof for His Existence and His love is a best-selling book!

This book is filled with fascinating facts, inspiring illustrations, incredible quotes, real-life stories, great pictures, and answers to questions that have baffled thinking people for centuries!

• Where Did God Come From?
• Does Prophecy Prove the Bible and is Jesus God?
• The Gospel in Context is the Power of God!
• How Can One God Be a Trinity?
• Are all Religions Equally Valid?
• Evolution (Monkey Mythology, a must read for every student).
• If God is Good, Why is There Evil?
• How to Cultivate a Personal Love Relationship with God.
• And much more!

From the men’s Bible study at Wheaton Bible Church, “You explained the nature of God in ten pages—utterly amazing!”

The director of a ministry to veterans bought a thousand copies and said, “Not a week goes by where we don’t hear another story of how God is using that book in the lives of our veterans—great book!”

Missionary to Peru Curt Knapp, “This book is the evangelism tool of the decade.”

Pastor Jeff Honson, “Phil explains difficult concepts in a way we can all understand. I’ve heard all the best-known apologists over 30 years, but that was the greatest presentation of Christianity I’ve ever heard!”

Professor Todd Wendorf, “That was the clearest and most direct presentation of the Gospel I have ever heard!”

Small group Bible studies tell us this book facilitated the best discussions they’ve ever had!

We have won: Atheists, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazis, Chicago street-gang members and others to the Lord using the arguments in the first four chapters!

Men who hold Ph.D.’s in theology, biology, and physics tell us this is the best presentation on the nature of God they have ever read!

Young people love it because it helps them understand why we believe what we believe, and there is no contradiction between science and the Bible!

Men like it because it’s easy-to-read (only 90 pages with 40 spectacular photographs)!

Moms love it because it’s ideal for family devotions.

God the Final Frontier is a definitive source for evangelism, discipleship, and practical apologetics

When you know why you believe what you believe, and are able to articulate your worldview with the most compelling arguments, you become as confident as a lion living the Christian life in a non-Christian world. When you understand God’s three revelations of Himself, you understand why Romans 1:20, says, no man will stand before Him with any excuse for ignoring or denying Him.

Chapter 1 begins with what many have said is the most profound answer to the question that has baffled thinking minds for centuries:  “Where did God come from?” When you reverse engineer the question you are forced to the inescapable conclusion that God is eternal! Find out how in this chapter!

Chapter 2 This covers the Word of God (Living and written). That is Jesus Christ and the Bible. There is no possible term of comparison between Jesus (the most famous person who ever lived), the Bible (the best-selling book of all time) and any other religious leader or so-called holy book. Prophecy proves the Bible is true. More than 2,500 predictive verses in the Scriptures prove that only someone with omniscience can predict the future with perfect accuracy.

Chapter 3 Many have said, this is the clearest and most direct presentation of the Gospel they have ever heard!

Chapter 4  Here we prove the triune nature of God from nature, Scripture, and science.

Chapter 5 How we know evolution (Monkey Mythology) is false.

Chapter 6 How to cultivate a personal relationship with God.

When Christians learn these three basic reasons for faith, they became far more confident in sharing it. Furthermore, research shows that 60% of people who come to Christ do so by reading Christian literature other than the Bible.