Evangelism Training Kit


When it comes to evangelism and sharing the Gospel, our Evangelism Training Kit is all you need! When it comes to evangelism, God did not leave us to fend for ourselves, He left us a perfect systematic theology that cannot be improved upon by any man! And, anyone can learn how to become a master evangelist!

 About Philip DelRe…

The late Philip DelRe went to be with the Lord in early 2021. He was the President and Founder of Voice in the Wilderness Ministries. (This ministry is continued by his widow Susan). When Christ saved Phil in 1985, he knew enough about the Bible to believe it himself, but he didn’t know enough to cause anyone else to believe it. Phil wanted that knowledge more than anything in this world. So he began to study everything he could get his hands on so he could help others find Christ too! Well, since 1985 by God’s grace…

We have won Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazi’s, atheists, Chicago street-gang members (and relatives) to the Lord with the information included in our Excellence in Evangelism Training Kit!


In Luke 16 Jesus said, “If they won’t believe Moses, neither would they believe though someone were to rise from the dead.” In other words, there is one argument (associated with Moses) more compelling than someone you know coming back from the dead to tell you what’s on the other side! Can you imagine teaching with that kind of confidence, content, power, wisdom, and authority? That is why we produced the Evangelism Training Kit.

The Evangelism Training kit starts with our 350 page, hard-cover Biblical Worldview Training Seminar Manual  

The Biblical Worldview Training Seminar contains everything you need to teach your own Evangelism Training seminar, or, years worth of Sunday School classes! It includes dozens of lessons of everything from the basics of Christianity to advanced theological principles all with one thing in mind, to become a biblically literate evangelist, disciple maker, and practical apologist. discipleship centered lessons or, small group Bible studies.

And, you’ll learn how to answer the skeptics, not by arguing doctrine, but by simply asking the right questions—the way Jesus did!

People are utterly amazed to learn how easy it is when you know the right questions!

This 350-page hardcover book is a virtual library on evangelism, discipleship, practical apologetics, and answering the cults with questions!



PART ONE: God’s Three Witnesses and the Gospel

Session: Creation proves the Creator
Session:  The Word of God Living and Written
Session: Conscience and the Moral Law
Session: Is This Really New Testament Theology?


Session:  The Bible
Session:  The Power of Prayer and the Ministry of the Word an exposition on the Lord’s Prayer
Session:  What Does it Mean to “Believe” in Jesus?
Session:  How to Kick the Sin Habit
Session:  The Trinity―Unveiling a Mystery that Has Baffled Thinking People For Centuries
Session:  Bible Prophecy and Israel-Seeing the Hand of God Move Through the Fulfilling of the Abrahamic Covenant, a Time-Line of Israel’s History, and Current Events in the Middle East
Session:  The Fear of Man vs. the Fear of God-How to get out of the Wilderness and into the Promised Land


Answering Roman Catholicism with Questions
Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses with Questions
Answering Atheists with Questions
Answering Islam with Questions
Answering Hindus and Buddhists
Answering Mormons with Questions
If God is Good Why is There Evil?

Great Quotes on the Life of Christ
Great Quotes on the Ten Commandments and Evangelism
God’s Promises to Those Who Take a Stand
Tough Answers to Tough Questions:


The kit includes 10 copies of our best-selling book God the Final Frontier (updated and expanded version). You’ll want to keep one and give the others away!                                            

This book is filled with fascinating facts, inspiring illustrations, incredible quotes, real-life stories, and answers to questions that have baffled thinking people for centuries! Many people are blown away when they learn how to present the Gospel with… THE POWER OF SINAI AND THE LOVE OF THE CROSS!

This incredible resource reveals God’s three reasons why no man will stand before Him with any excuse for ignoring or denying Him!

Table of Contents

Chapter One:  Where Did God Come From?

  • The Universe and the Miracle of Life
  •  Einstein Didn’t Invent Physics—He Discovered It
  •  The Wonders of the Milky Way Galaxy
  •  Life’s Greatest Miracle

Part Two:  The Word of God, Living and Written

  • Astronomy and the Bible
  • One Word Proves the Bible Is True
  • The Greatest Demonstration of Love

Part Three:  Conscience and the Universal Moral Law

  • God’s Law
  • God’s Grace
  • God’s Gospel

Part Four: How Can One God Be a Trinity?

  • Time, Space and Matter
  • Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • Mind, Will and Emotions

Evolution is Monkey Mythology

  • Did Darwin Reject His Own Theory?
  • What Does the Fossil Record Show?
  • What is the Real Motive Behind Atheism?

How to Cultivate a Personal Relationship with God

  • God’s Most Holy and Proper Name
  • How to Cultivate a Relationship with God
  • Why Would Anyone Reject God?
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Three Things We All Need to be Truly Satisfied

God the Final Frontier–Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love is easy-to-read. It features 40 spectacular (and some rare) photographs (most people can’t put it down)! Keep reading and you’ll see why…


Here is a sample (and a great photograph) from the opening paragraph…


Watch what happens when we reverse engineer the question. Try to imagine nothing exists. There is no sun, no moon, no stars, and no galaxies. There are no elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, or oxygen. ­There are no such things as time, space, matter, or energy. ­There is no universe, no God, nothing! If there ever was a time when nothing (but nothing) existed, then nothing would exist now– therefore something must be eternal.

Albert Einstein explaining Special Relativity

You only have two choices; either God is eternal and uncreated, or matter is eternal and uncreated, there is no third option.  It was 1910 when Albert Einstein published his Theory of Relativity. His mathematical equation (math being a perfect science) provided a basis for proof that time, space, and matter (which is energy) could not be eternal, but had a beginning. Incredibly, Einstein’s discovery fit the biblical account of creation (written thousands before the genesis of scientific research) perfectly.

The very first verse in the Bible says, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Now look at it again,

  • In the beginning (that’s time),
  • God created (that’s energy)
  • The heavens (that’s space),
  • And the earth (that’s matter)

That’s quite a coincidence!

Fortunately for critical thinkers, there are only 5 major religions in the world and they are all mutually exclusive. The only thing they have in common is that they have almost nothing in common.

Logically, they are either all wrong or one is right and the others are wrong. 

  • Christianity teaches that God is: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three distinct persons make up the one God.
  • Islam teaches the strictest form of Unitarian monotheism and insists that the trinity is blasphemy, a damnable heresy, and an obvious contradiction.
  • Hinduism says there are 330 million gods.
  • Buddhism says there is no God at all!
  • Judaism rejects all of the above.

So, logically, they are either all wrong or one is right, and the others are wrong. If we can discover the true nature of God then we know the truth about the origin of life, our purpose, and our destiny.


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity revealed the fact that life as we know it consists of three things:  Time, space, and matter − a trinity of trinities.

  • Time is a trinity — the past, the present and the future. The past is not the present, the present is not the future and the future is not the past. One is not the other, all are part of the same, none can exist without the other, and yet each one is distinct!
  • Space: We live in a three-dimensional world—height, width, and depth. Height is not width, width is not depth and depth is not height. One is not the other, all are part of the same, none can exist without the other, and yet each one is distinct!
  • Matter is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of three primary components: protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons are not neutrons, neutrons are not electrons, and electrons are not protons. One is not the other, all are part of the same, none can exist without the other (and be a complete atom), and yet each one is distinct!

             Discover for yourself the secrets and the mysteries of the universe!

Andromeda Galaxy

Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that moves the constellations.” —Albert Einstein

“The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 light-years across and 10,000 light years in diameter. To get from one end of the galaxy to the other, you would have to travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) for 100,000 years.

“The Earth is 26,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. If you were to take a commercial airliner from Earth to the center of our own galaxy, traveling 550 miles an hour, it would take you not 278 million, billion, trillion, or quadrillion years, but 278 quintillion years to get there (one quintillion is a thousand quadrillion)!

“Not only do all the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun, but the entire Milky Way Galaxy is revolving (along with its 100–400 billion stars). It makes one complete revolution every 250 million years!

“As passengers on starship Earth, we are at this moment spinning around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy like a giant cosmic Ferris wheel. Our speed is 558,000 miles an hour. Our on-time arrival record is better than any train or airline in the world!

What causes the entire galaxy to rotate? What holds the stars in place? Why don’t they collide? How much power is required to spin the galaxy while holding a hundred billion stars in place? The Bible provided answers to these and other questions long ago. Isaiah 40:26 says,
Lift up your eyes on high, And see who has created these things, Who brings out their host by number; He calls them all by name, By the greatness of His might And the strength of His power; Not one is missing.                                                                                                                                                
YOU ARE GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE! Consider how Psalms 139:14-16 describes God’s glory,

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

This is an actual photograph of an 8-week old baby!

“On that glorious day of conception, amazing things began to happen.  Two cells became one and then, miraculously, the one became two. Beginning as a single cell, you began to divide exponentially and on the day you were born your completed body was made up of more than 100 trillion extremely complex little machines called cells.

“Your heart began to beat when you were only 22 days old. At three weeks we could see your eyes and ears. At six weeks we could see your fingers and toes. At 11 weeks you could smile, frown and suck your thumb. On the day you were born, you were nine months old.”

Our Excellence in Evangelism Training Manual includes a great new book on Israel and Bible prophecy. People are utterly fascinated by this prophetic history lesson on how the nation of Israel proves the Bible was inspired by God!

One of the most compelling arguments of all is Bible prophecy. This session reveals the hand of God moving through:

  • The fulfilling of the Abrahamic Covenant (Right now and in ways most people have never realized)!
  • A timeline of Israel’s history
  • Current events in the Middle East
  • War among the Ishmaelites
  • And, much more

Qualified American science professors and Ph.D. astrophysicists have shown that Bible prophecy provides a basis for proof that the Scriptures are divinely inspired. By using the mathematical laws of probability, they show that God inspired the writing of those prophecies to a definiteness which lacks only one chance in 10 2000 power! That number is more than all of the atoms in the known universe!

But that is not all…

God’s Master Plan of Salvation is our most important work ever. How do you reconcile justice and mercy without compromising one or the other? Only God can do that. This book will teach you how to present the Gospel in its literal, historical, and theological context so Christianity makes sense! This is one of our most powerful resources.










The DVD’s include:  

  • Ray Comfort of Living Waters (The Way of the Master). Ray reveals how atheistic college professors cannot produce one shred of evidence for evolution— on camera!
  • The false prophecies of Joseph Smith (Mormonism) with Jesus Christ. 
  • Our 37-minute video recorded live at the Greater Rockford Evangelical Associations Leadership Prayer Luncheon on the National Day of Prayer. 



Here is what others are saying:

“Philip DelRe has excelled in bringing together powerful thoughts on a most important theme.”

Ray Comfort, Author, speaker, Producer of the award-winning TV show: The Way of the Master, starring Kirk Cameron

“I just listened to Phil DelRe teach an Excellence in Evangelism training course for three hours. As the former Vice President of Marketing for Christianity Today, I’ve had the privilege of hearing men like Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, and Max Lucado. Phil DelRe is the same caliber speaker. This man is vibrant and anointed by the Holy Spirit!”

Linda Schambach, Director of Women’s Ministry, Community of Faith in Davis, Illinois

“I learned more about evangelism after listening to you for three hours than I did in four years of seminary!”

Pastor Dave, Rockford, Illinois

“It’s a terrific message—and I can understand listening to it why it had such power. You’re quite right in saying it’s nothing more than the Word of God, but you, of course, presented it very effectively and made the case very powerfully.”

Charles Colson, Founder, and Chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries.

“I think God the Final Frontier is one of the finest resources of its kind. The illustrations in this book are marvelous!”

Dr. Carl Baugh, Founder, and Director of the Creation Evidence Museum.

“Phil DelRe powerfully communicates the Gospel and overflows with a passion to reach the lost.”

Dr. Robert Coleman, Director of the School for World Missions & Evangelism for the Billy Graham Association, Professor at Gordon Conwell, and author of the best-selling book, The Master Plan of Evangelism.

“Phil’s new Gospel tract, God’s Three Witnesses, is the finest Gospel tract I have seen.”

–Dr. David Larsen, Professor of Preaching Emeritus, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois.

“I absolutely love Philip DelRe. I love his new book, God the Final Frontier, and I love having him on my show! He is a man on fire for God and has a deep passion for evangelism.”

–Paul Ridgeway, host of, Prime Time Drive Time, KKMS Radio out of Minneapolis.

“Last spring I heard you speak in the undergraduate chapel at Moody. After your message I picked up a tape, and I have listened to that tape at least twenty times. That was the first day I ever heard such a clear explanation of the Gospel in such a Biblical way.”

David Lieske, M. Div. Student, Moody Bible Institute.

“Phil’s message is right from the Father-heart of God.”

Ray Sanders, Director Christian Friends of Israel.

“Remember the revival God brought through David Wilkerson working with the gangs in New York City with Nicki Cruz? Philip DelRe has been working with gangs in prison and by God’s grace has led thousands to the Lord! You want to bring a dynamic speaker to your church? Call Phil DelRe. His new book, The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God is a must read!”

Dr. Bob Griffin, President of Rockford Renewal Ministries and the author of Fire Storms of Revival.

“In an era of fadism and fashionable substitutes for true scriptural principles, the ministry of Phil DelRe is a ray of hope for the church. Phil has tapped into the mode of true Gospel evangelism that has proved so mighty in the past. For anyone desirous of seeing the type of deep and thorough hear-work that so characterized the Church in better days, Phil should not only be heard but studied.”

Reddit Andrews III, Director of Chapel, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

“Philip DelRe, a man with a great ‘what Jesus did for me’ story and a man with a great message from God’s Word. Phil preached here in Chicago at Armitage Baptist Church. His message was Biblical, direct, and delivered with earnestness. This man has a knack for holding people’s attention.”

Charles Lyons, Senior Pastor of Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago, IL.

“That was the clearest, most direct and complete presentation of the Gospel I have ever heard. I doubt that there was a hard heart left in the room. You need to get this published so the whole world can read it.”

Todd Wendorf, formerly with Willow Creek, Harvest, and Saddleback.

“I absolutely love your book, God the Final Frontier. I want my whole family to read it. Your facts on the universe and the Trinity were fascinating!”

Debra Moffett, Co-host of the Harvest TV Show and former Miss America 1983.

“That was the most fantastic, fantastic, fantastic sermon I’ve ever heard in my life.”

–Tim & Sarah Brown, Students, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL.


If you were to make the suggested donation for all these resources individually, with shipping, you would invest almost $300.00. We are offering this virtual library for a suggested donation of only $85.00. We invested hundreds of hours to research, write, rewrite, and produce these resources so you can be a true soul winner!  

→ Click here to order yours now!

Here are 12 benefits of owning this theological library—you will…

  1. Discover how qualified American science professors and Ph.D. astrophysicists have shown that Bible prophecy provides a basis for proof that the Scriptures are divinely inspired. By using the mathematical laws of probability, they show that God inspired the writing of those prophecies to a definiteness which lacks only one chance in 10 2000 power! That number is more than all of the atoms in the known universe!
  2. Learn how to illustrate the Trinity with such compelling evidence from the legal, philosophical, and scientific worlds, that no one can refute (even the best cultists have come out of the darkness after hearing it). Pastors have said, “I have heard many sermons on the Trinity, but that was the best explanation I have ever heard!”
  3. Learn the three reasons God Himself provides for why no man will stand before Him with any excuse for ignoring or denying His existence.
  4. Learn how to present the Gospel, “…not in the wisdom of man’s words, but in demonstration of the Spirit’s power (1 Cor. 2:4).”
  5. Be able to articulate the prophetic relationship that exists between the Old and the New Testament (many misunderstand this fascinating, biblical truth).
  6. Learn how to tap into God’s power by learning the truth about prayer.
  7. Discover the greatest demonstration of power anyone has ever seen, and learn why it is still God’s most effectual instrument to draw people to Christ.
  8. Learn the fascinating truth of how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity perfectly matches the Biblical account of creation.
  9. Discover some of the most amazing facts from the wonders of God’s creation. People are utterly amazed when they learn how our galaxy revolves once every two hundred and fifty million years like a giant cosmic Ferris wheel–as billions of stars all march in place–not one is missing–and God calls them all by name!
  10. Learn how to answer the cults and unbelievers, not by arguing doctrine, but by simply asking the right questions – like Jesus did (this part is really fun)!
  11. Our message, The Fear of Man Vs. the Fear of God has been used by God to help many people come out of the closet of fear, to live lives of lionhearted boldness for the Lord. Phil taught it at a 3,000 member church and they had 940 requests for copies!
  12. And much, much, more!

Sharing Christ with your loved ones may never be easier (or more effective) than it is right now.

    • If you do not feel confident enough to share your faith with someone, the book does it for you. It could even be sent anonymously (they can’t argue with a book).
    • You don’t have to become a scientist, a philosopher, or an attorney to present a truly compelling presentation of the Gospel—the book does it for you!
    • Books can go places where Jesus may not be welcome.
    • There is a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction when you share Jesus with someone, even when you leave one in a public place —people read it!
    • It’s a great feeling to know you are participating in the Great Commission.
    • Your conscience can be clear when you share the truth about God with family members, friends, coworkers, etc.
    • Great men of the past have been saved by reading short books like:  George Whitfield, Hudson Taylor, and many others. These men led thousands to the Lord, and it began because someone cared enough to give them a book or a tract!

This testimony came from a pastor about his teenage son:

“My son and I attended the “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference this past March in O’Fallon, IL, where we met and attended a seminar by Philip DelRe.  As a pastor, I was leading a group of men to the conference, but my real concern was my 18-year-old son who has had some tough challenges in the past year.  He has wavered in his faith — questioning what and why he believed.  This also spilled over into some poor choices and bad relationships in his life. The seminar by Phil was exactly what my son needed!  Phil’s dynamic personality and engaging presentation of the Gospel totally connected with my son.  He laughed, took notes, and was challenged that the Christian faith was intellectually credible in the secular arena of life. He loved the seminar by Phil and wanted me to buy all the resources available (which I happily did!). Since that time, there has been a dramatic change in his life.  Unhealthy relationships have been severed and he has a renewed joy and commitment for Christ.  I thank God for this timely and Sovereign appointment for my son and the ministry of Phil DelRe for being the choice instrument He used. Praise the Lord!”        —Pastor Tim

Our hope (and prayer) is that every high school student (and anyone else) who wants to know the truth about God will have the opportunity to read, God the Final Frontier. Your donation of $85.00 will help us distribute this book around the world. We give them to students and prison inmates for free!

Here are a few of the actual written comments we received:

“He was awesome. Bring him back next year.”

“He was hilarious and real. Plus, I love science, so it was nice to hear some scientific evidence.”

“Best teaching I have ever heard.”

“Oh my God, he was even better than last year. I could sit and listen to him all day.”

“Truly the best seminar I have been to. Please come back next year.”

“I love the stories and the enthusiasm. You just have to smile.”

“Hearing this seminar is going to help me not to be afraid to speak to others about God.”

“Phenomenal, thank you very much. Good job, lots of scripture involved.”

“Please offer more sessions like this. We need to hear real biblical truths like this so we can learn how to talk to skeptics.”

“I’m glad he used so many bible verses to back himself up. Very dynamic, excellent presentation, really good thoughts.”

“Amazing, I learned so much. I hope to come back and see him again. I’m getting his book.”

“I liked how he opened up our minds to God’s power and His love for us.”

“I loved the stories and the analogies from the Word of God.”

“Fantastic! Challenging and encouraging.”

“It really got me excited about being a child of God.”

“I pray to Almighty God that I could have a fraction of Phil’s intensity for Christ.”

These books are ideal for:

  • People who are seeking God
  • New believers
  • Students, especially high school
  • Bible teachers
  • Skeptics
  • Those who want to share with family members but may not feel equipped (you can’t argue with a book)
  • Prison inmates
  • Places where Jesus may not be welcome
  • Seasoned Saints
  • Everyone else

If you are still not convinced this is a great investment in your spiritual education, here is one last mind-blowing incentive…

The Catholic Chronicles--Exposing the Truth of the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Salvation

One of our most popular series of messages ever has been our “Catholic Chronicles.” It’s a four-part series comparing Roman Catholicism to the Bible. Please know, I am not a “Catholic Basher.” I was raised Catholic, and I have dear friends and family members who are Catholic. Furthermore, I believe there are people in Catholicism who do love Jesus. This fascinating and informative exposé is about Catholic doctrine, not Catholic people.

Almost everyone who hears this series tells us how absolutely fascinated they were listening to it, and how little they really knew about itincluding Catholics! This series of audio messages will totally blow you away.

          • Part One:  Salvation According to Rome.
          • Part Two:  Mariology or Mariolatry?
          • Part Three:  Purgatory—What Does the Bible Say About Life After Death?
          • Part Four:  Is the Pope Really Infallible on Matters of Spirituality and Morals as Rome Claims?

Here is what you get:

  • The 350-page hardcover Training Manual
  • God’s Master Plan of Salvation book
  • The Fear of Man vs. the Fear of  God book
  • Ten books of God the Final Frontier (You’ll want to keep one and give the others away)!
  • Four Answering the Cults E-books
  • Seeing the Hand of God through the Abrahamic Covenant, a Timeline of Israels History and Current Events in the Middle East book (New). 
  • God’s Three Revelations Gospel Tract
  • Comparing Christianity to Islam tract
  • The 3 DVD set

If all these items were purchased separately, it would come to more then $300.00. You will receive a Bible college-level course on evangelism to master in your own home.  Sadly, most Bible colleges don’t teach evangelism. You can get all these resources for $85.00 (Plus shipping).   

After one of our live seminars, a pastor said:

“I learned more about evangelism after listening to you for three hours than I did in four years of seminary!”

So what are you waiting for?

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