Answering Catholicism


In Answering Catholicism With Questions, we reveal the clear and numerous contradictions between the Bible and Rome on the most essential doctrine of salvation. Is Roman Catholicism a false religious system? According to the Official Catechism of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II, and the Council of Trent, there are 125 cannons and decrees (not one is found in the Bible) you must agree with and obey or Rome curses you to the everlasting flames of Hell! I realize that may be hard to believe but that comes directly from the Official Catechism of Roman Catholicism! And, the vast majority of Catholics would be hard pressed to even name one of them! No man, no church, no pope or council has the authority to cast anyone into Hell, only God can do that!  Does this sound like the love of Christ to you? This is a shocking expose reveals just how the Roman Catholic doctrine of salvation by works contradicts the Biblical doctrine of salvation by grace. This easy-to-read 97-page book was written out of love for Catholic people.


Answering Catholicism with Questions


  1. According to the Vatican Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God!

  2. What is Anathema? Can They Really Do That?

  3. The Profits From Purgatory

  4. Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass

  5. Mariology or Mariolatry?

  6. Is Confessing Your Sin to a Priest Necessary for Salvation?

  7. The Shocking Truth About Marriage, the Priests, and the Great Catholic Coverup

  8. God’s Plan of Salvation

  9. The Council of Condemnation

Answering Catholicism with Questions settles the question, “Is Roman Catholicism a false religious system?”  Sadly, the Roman road does not lead to salvation. 

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