Answering Catholicism With Questions E-Book



As a man who was raised Roman Catholic, Phil loves the Catholic people. The issues raised are not against Catholic people, but with Roman Catholic doctrine and dogma in light of Scripture. In love, Phil examines the positions of the Roman Catholic Doctrines of:

  • Salvation
  • The Pope is infallible on matters of faith and morals
  • That a Catholic priest has the authority to forgive sin
  • The existence (or non-existence) of Purgatory
  • Mary is the Co-Redemtrix along with Jesus
  • That Rome has the authority to pronounce you “anathema” (damn your soul to hell) if you disagree with its more than 100 cannons and decrees (which read like complicated and often contradictory legal documents).
  • Catholics worship the same God the Muslims do
  • Transubstantiation, (the idea that the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Jesus) and much more.
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