Answering Atheism with Questions e-book


Atheism is a religion that requires faith to believe. The reason the atheist cannot find God is the same reason a bank-robber can’t find a policeman! There are more than 100 questions the student can use to stop the mouths and open the mind of Atheists.


Atheism is a religion that requires faith to believe. What did Jesus do when the false teachers tried to trap Him? Rather than argue doctrine, all He had to do was ask the right question, and it shut their mouths every time! Asking questions is the most effective approach to dealing with difficult people. This non-intimidating, non-confrontational approach is so effective, you’ll read about a famous college professor who become creationist, then a Christian based on this approach. This quick, easy-to-use book includes dozens of questions the student can ask, designed to close the mouths and open the minds of honest atheists (if you can find one). Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the thought of identifying themselves with Jesus Christ and admitting they’re sinners!

  1. Spontaneous generation (life generating from non-living matter) has never been observed.
  2. Macroevolution (one species becoming another species) has never been observed. Adaptation is not Macroevolution.
  3. There are no living transitional forms or fossils of transitional forms to observe.
  4. Evolution is based on blind faith, not science.